We need your help! If you can volunteer, please complete the very short sign up form at the bottom of this page!  To volunteer you must have completed your background check.

SET UP TEAM (8am - 9:30am) Positions Filled - Thank you!

The Set Up Team is responsible for setting up tables, hanging signs, inspecting the track, water station setup, music and other set up as needed.
  • Danielle Bashaw
  • Lance Bashaw
  • Amy Winterowd
  • Andrea Swanson
  • Annemieke Clark

LAP MARKERS (9:30am - 11:45am) - 15 Volunteers Needed

Lap markers are needed for each of the four shifts to mark laps the students complete.​
  • Sage Fuller
  • Kailee Bean
  • Heather Hall Lewis
  • Cathy Ozturkmen
  • Ginna McLean
  • Brittany Stolle
  • Tiffany Dahlen

TRACK MONITORS (9:30am - 11:45am) - Positions Filled - Thank you!

The track monitors are very important to have all around the track.  Students need to have adults supervising in case there are any injuries, be available to help children, especially the younger grades, and keep everyone moving along and cheered around the track.
  • Jenny Ridenour
  • Linda Nakashima
  • Ana Rosa Edgar
  • Steven Tyrrill
  • Nathaniel Rosenthal
WATER TABLE (9:30am -11:45am) - Positions Filled - Thank You!

Students are provided water via water tables around the track.  The water fountains are closed due to the risk of having water on the track. Volunteers are asked to monitor the water tables and refill water cups as needed for the students
  • Vickie Pillay
  • Amy Winterowd

The Music/MC team provides music and announcements for the Jog A Thon.
  • Lead:   Michelle Lasley

ADMINISTRATIVE TABLE TEAM (9:30am - 12pm) - 3  Volunteers Needed

The administrative table team is responsible for entering the information into the system to record laps run by each child and grade for prizes
  • Brittany Roberts
  • Michelle Lagos
BATHROOM MONITOR TEAM (9:30am - 12:30pm) - 4 Volunteers Needed

Bathroom monitors are placed outside the bathrooms to help younger children in case they need help.
  • Patty Illias McLaughlin
CLEAN UP TEAM (12pm- 1pm) - 4 Volunteers Needed

The clean up team inspects the track, makes sure all bathrooms are in order and clean.  The team is responsible for trash clean up, returinging tables and chairs, disposing of garbage bags and other clean up items.
  • Angelica Thornton
  • Danielle Bashaw
NURSES - Positions Filled - Thank you!
  • Kellie Escamilla
ICE CREAM SOCIAL (after lunch) - Multiple Volunteers Needed

We will be hosting an all school ice cream after the students eat their lunch.  We need volunteers to help serve and clean up.
  • Angelica Thornton
  • Michelle Lagos
  • Cathy Ozturkmen
  • Vickie Pillay
  • Kelly Escamilla

Questions, please let us know!
Leigh Little 816-547-5052
Emai:  jogathonforholycross@gmail.com