October 15, 2019
4 months and 8 days since
the event.
Our Holy Cross Jog-A-Thon is fast approaching on October 15!  This is our only student led fundraising opportunity for our children to earn money for Holy Cross. 

Students collect donations and run as many laps at the University of Portland Chiles Center.  This year our goal is 25k.  

To donate to a student, click "Donate to a Student" on the left menu bar.  We've already created accounts for each student, so simply search by name!
It's A Class Battle!  Pre-K Through 2 are competing for a prize and 3rd through 8th are competing against each other.  Who will take the lead?  K and 2nd are apart by only $1!

Grade Amount Pledged
Pre-K $1,841.22
K $2,238.02
1 $1,848.46
2 $2,237.01
3 $1,820.47
4 $3,093.82
5 $1,756.36
6 $3,153.15
7 $2,171.58
8 $1,557.85
Staff $525.00
Total $22,242.94